13-579 (sire 11-556)


Judged by Dr Jim Watts as the 2014 SRS hogget ram of the year at the national SRS field days 13-579 is a ram with exceptional skin and fibre qualities and we see him as a potential impact sire for these traits. He has never been shedded but despite this carries a bright and pure white fleece extending down his back legs, across his belly and all over his wool growing area. He has a very long staple and possesses extreme alignment with great crimp definition. He was awarded a perfect score, 50 out of 50 for fleece quality and productivity when judged as ram of the year in September. He is structurally correct, a twin and has a score 2 bare breech. We feel he is a great choice for breeders looking for an impact sire for fibre and skin quality without compromising carcase.


               MIC                  SD                CV%                CF%
             17.4                  2.5              13.9          100


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