Richmond rams average $1711

Richmond rams average $1711

Demand was strong enough to raise the average price by $374 at the Richmond ram sale where 79 of 80 rams topped at $6000 and averaged $1711. Another 20 rams in pens of 2 were also offered separate to the main catalogue which topped at $1800 averaging $1110.

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the $6000 sale topper at the 2014 Richmond sale with Nick McNamara, Elders Cowra, Trevor Ryan and buyers Jim, Daniel, Neil and Andrew Lawson

Mr Ryan said it was pleasing to sell rams to 5 new buyers as well as return clients

Buying just 1 ram the Lawson family,”Eajar”, Cookardinia wanted a new sire to breed replacement rams for their Severn Park based flock of 2500 ewes and took the top priced ram home for $6000.

The 19 micron ram had an ASBV value of +16.2 for clean fleece weight and a dual purpose index of 151

“We are now trying to push fleece weights up and this ram should do the trick” Neil Lawson said

Returning for the fifth year was Max Stewart of Bombala who purchased 6 top end rams for an average of $2667 while paying $3600 for an 18.4 micron ram with a DP index of 157.

The Jones family of Grenfell bought 4 rams at an average of $2350 while Cumnock farming partnership, Grenfell also secured 4 rams at an average of $2250.

Crawford Bell Investments of “Bibaringa”, Wallendbeen picked up 5 rams at a $2520 average topping at $3000 for a sire with a yearling weight ASBV of +6.4 and a clean fleece weight of +19.8.

Ted Morgan of “Geeron”, Forbes returned as a volume buyer purchasing 11 rams on the day with the intention of selecting more from the grade rams the following day for his flock of 6000 ewes. He said his aim was to increase wool cut while maintaining his micron and liked the Richmond rams for their deep crimping stylish wool and their dual purpose attributes.

The sale was conducted by Elders Young, with guest auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth.

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