Richmond wins 2014 SRS Ram of the Year

Richmond wins 2014 SRS Ram of the Year

Merino exhibits from four states, commercial displays and butchering and cooking demonstrations were all bundled together at the inaugural SRS Merino national field day at Wellington showground last Saturday.


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Conducted by the Soft Rolling Skin Merino association head of the group Dr Jim Watts, Bowral said the interest was encouraging.

One of the highlights of the day in what was believed to be an Australian first a national SRS hogget ram competition was conducted using visual eye appraisal as well as objective measurements in the form of ASBV’s . The event was sponsored by Macquarie Artificial Breeders of Dubbo.

Dr Watts was the judge assisted by Stephen Kellock of Kelvale Poll Merino stud, Kieth, South Australia.

The judges were looking for fleece productivity, density, fibre length, softness and elasticity as well as confirmation and carcase traits represented by ASBV’s such as eye muscle depth, fat cover and growth rates.

The winning entry was a poll ram from the Ryan family’s Richmond merino stud. He was given a perfect score of 50 out of 50 for the fleece section of the scorecard reflecting his outstanding fibre attributes.

Runner up was an entrant from Norm and Pip Smiths Glenwood stud, Wellington while third place went to the Taylor family’s Boxleigh Park stud.

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